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New restaurants

We are glad to announce that Vladivostok finally got it’s own bit of “Foggy Albion”. New venue “La Manche” introduces culinary traditions of England, France and Russia.

As you probably know, La Manche Channel connects England and France. New café is named after the Channel with an idea to highlight similarities of Vladivostok, England and France. Climate, vibrant ports and variety of cuisines make these three very different places to share something in common.

Cafe La Manche. Restaurants Vladivostok

“Our cafe is quite different from other Vladivostokian venues. We try to “conquer” our guests by home-made ingredients, fresh products and minimum margins. You won’t find in our menu widespread Caesar or Carbonara, but we included a lot of meals you know and love since childhood. The menue also contains certain elements of French and Irish cuisine, but only those Vladivistokians know and like – bacon and eggs, croissants” – told us Yulia Knyazeva, the café’s manager.

Cafe La Manche. Restaurants Vladivostok

It is cosy and nice inside. “La Manche” is non-smoking venue, but it has a comfortable balcony equipped with ashtrays. In the end of July the venue plans to open three summer terraces where guests enjoy fresh grilled food and shishas. Two of the three are located on a side from noisy road which is a rare thing in busy and dynamic Vladivostok.

Cafe La Manche. Restaurants Vladivostok