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Unique summer terrace has opened in Vladivostok downtown. The terrace unicity is supported by its interior and location – it is located on the roof terrace of the historic mansion, on a fair distance from the road and traffic noise.

Summer terrace bar “Chkalov” has opened its doors to guests on 18, July. Despite it was there for relatively short time, the venue is popular with locals as well as guests of Vladivostok.

"Our terrace is the only one of its kind, because it is located away from the road and on the roof of the historic mansion. Cars do not honk under its windows, passing people and traffic do not distract you from celebration of your cause and guests can see the whole panorama of the beautiful Vladivostok,"- said Maxim Deinega - the owner of the bar "Chkalov".

Summer terrace bar "Chkalov". Restaurants Vladivostok

A distinctive feature of the venue is a theme of aviation in the interior. This concept embraces and unites all four floors of the venue. Precious gifts from visitors and friends of “Chkalov” – aviation helmets, retro receivers, reel tape recorders, clocks and books have found its place on the second floor of the bar.

Regular guests include the representatives of aviation industry and they give it good feedback and fill up the collection with new flight attributes.

Summer terrace bar "Chkalov". Restaurants Vladivostok

Some gifts have very practical application - such as a draw-drum for the American bingo. This object introduced a new event - so-called "day W". Every Thursday all visitors while receiving tickets from wardrobe, become participants in an unusual lottery.

Vladivostok residents will be able to enjoy the view of sunset on the terrace Chkalov until the end of October because the venue is well-equipped with gas heaters and warm cosy blankets to confront cold coastal air of Vladivostok evenings.